A simple and secure tool for Data Collection on Whales

The Franco-Malagasy Association Cétamada is a non profit organisation which aims to protect marine mammals and their habitats through study and awareness raising.

The association is committed to developing scientific data collection and sharing in theI ndian Ocean sanctuary, in particular, to monitoring the populations of migrant humpback whales around Madagascar.

Cétamada has collected thousands of pieces of data from marine mammal observation. The Association collaborates with several universities and research centers which carry out scientific research on marine mammals, mainly humpback whales. The main focus is scientific development of this data (photo identification, genetic sampling, study of songs, etc ...).

Faced with a large volume of data to manage and the increasing complexity of data entry and processing, Cétamada wishes to leverage the skills of INRIA to adapt the Pl@ntnet Decision system for support and management of geo-referenced environmental data to whale monitoring in Madagascar.

The céta.net portal allows easy and totally secure data entry on whale observations. A powerful data analysis tool which generates dashboards and statistical indicators.

Finally, the on-line mapping module allows very precise visualization of the observation coordinates, displacement of cetaceans and spatio-temporal distribution.

As the ceta.net system for cetacean tracking is freeware, there are no licensing fees to pay and the project team greatly benefits from continuing free support of the International Development Agency community.